Additional terms needed to access

Please read and agree to our additional terms for our ‘pre-release offering’

This is an addendum (“Addendum”) to the terms of service (“Terms”) or any other agreement executed between you (“Customer”) and CHARGEBEE INC. (“Chargebee”) with respect to Customer’s use of Chargebee’s products and services (“Agreement”). When executed by an authorized representative of Customer and Chargebee, this Addendum, together with the Agreement and its exhibits form a binding legal contract between the Parties.

  1. Capitalized terms used in this Addendum have the meanings set forth in the Agreement unless otherwise defined in this Addendum.
  2. Customer understands that Chargebee may make available certain pre-release features and functionalities available to Customer from time to time (“Pre-Release Offerings”). Such Pre-Release Offerings may be referred to as an EAP, beta, non-GA offering, or otherwise. Customer may choose to sign up for such Pre-Release Offerings at Customer’s sole discretion. All restrictions and commitments under Chargebee’s Terms or such other agreement executed between Customer and Chargebee shall apply to Customer’s access to and use of any Pre-Release Offerings. Chargebee may disable, modify or discontinue Pre-Release Offerings at any time at Chargebee’s sole discretion without notice.

    By using the Pre-Release Offerings, Customer acknowledges and agrees that:
    1. the Pre-Release Offerings shall be used only for evaluation and testing purposes;
    2. the Pre-Release Offerings are provided on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis, without any warranties;
    3. Chargebee shall not be liable for any liability arising from or relating to the Pre-Release Offerings, including Customer’s use or inability to use such Pre-Release Offerings;
    4. any feedback provided on the Pre-Release Offerings is Chargebee’s property to use without obligation to Customer or any other third party; and
    5. any and all information pertaining to the Pre-Release Offerings shall be deemed to be Chargebee’s Confidential Information.
  3. This Addendum will automatically terminate upon any termination of the Agreement. Except as amended by this Addendum, the Agreement will remain in full force and effect. The terms of this Addendum can only be amended or superseded by an instrument in writing executed by both the Parties. If there is a conflict between the Agreement and this Addendum, this Addendum will prevail. This Addendum may be executed in two or more counterparts, each of which will be deemed an original and all of which taken together will be deemed to constitute one and the same document. The Parties may sign and deliver this Addendum by electronic or facsimile transmission.